By Juli Novotny | Pure Kitchen 

Always Start By Mixing Different Plant Textures.

Roast these ->

Marinate these ->

Raw Zucchini Makes GREAT Noodles. Simply Use The Y Peeler. 

Layer Peeled Zucchini Noodles With Fresh Herbs & Olive Oil.

Marinate Julienned Kale In Lemon & Olive Oil. Massage well. Add To Salad.

Coat Onions, Carrots, Bell Pepper with A Dash Of Toasted Sesame Oil. 

Air Fry Them At 375 degrees For 10 Minutes. Make Sure They Are Finely Chopped. 

And Finally, Salt & Pepper Everything To Taste. Top With Mashed Avocado. 

Full of Nutrients, Enzymes, Healthy Fats & Protein.

And That's How You Build The Perfect Vegan Salad

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