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I love fridge dumps. Just dissect the basic rules of a healthy meal: protein, starch, vegetable or fruit and don't forget to think about fiber, fat, herbs, flavor and micro nutrients as well.
Prep Time10 mins
Active Time15 mins
Course: dinner, lunch, Vegan
Cuisine: American, plant-based, vegan
Keyword: plant-based, rice bowl, vegan
Yield: 4 people


  • 1 air fryer OR
  • 1 frying pan OR
  • 1 baking dish


  • a cruciferous vegetable, thinly sliced
  • onion, thinly sliced
  • protein of choice, chopped
  • herbs, scallions, lettuce
  • starch (i.e. potatoes, rice, noodles)
  • garnish
  • sauce or dressing


  • Whatever vegetables you choose to use, be sure to consider the texture, the water content and cut them accordingly. For example, if you're using onion and broccoli, be sure they are cut to similar sizes and thickness. If you're adding potatoes to that as well, make the potatoes super thin. Othewise, the cook times will vary and something will burn or something won't be cooked thoroughly.
  • Put all these vegetables into an air fryer. Follower air fryer instructions for cook times and temps.
  • Find a protein (optional, you do not need proteins at every meal), cook it how you love it. In a frying pan or in the air fryer. I added my protein (which was not RAW, it was pre cooked) to the air fryer with my veggies.
  • Grab seasonings you love. Do you like cumin? Or pepper? Or coriander? Or parsley? What about Spike? Or onion powder? Use any of these to season your veggies and proteins.
  • Decide on a base. Do you have fresh greens? Make this into a salad. Do you have rice on hand? Make this into a heartier bowl type of dinner. I added raisins for sweetness and green onions. I had those items on hand. For crunch and protein I added toasted sunflower seeds. You could have chosen pecans or walnuts.
  • Add everything together and enjoy! If you think it's too dry or bland try adding a fun sauce. Or just use lemon juice, olive oil, and salt. Sauces are KEY to enjoying your last-minute plant-based quick meals.